Practical Info

Here are a few practical pieces of information that we hope will be useful to you both for the preparation of your trip and during your stay in Kyoto.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

For photographers

The Photographer’s Guide to KYOTO — A 94-page e-book giving you the best and broadest coverage of Kyoto’s most photogenic locations. The book includes a Bucket List locations and includes over 100 photographs, maps, suggested itineraries and planning essentials . . .

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Relaxation Massage

After a long day visiting temples and gardens, or walking shopping, there is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a good massage. When traveling, the problem is often to know where to go! Well, we may just have a good address for you: Yuga, Refresh Salon

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English-Speaking Guide

Tours in Kyoto  Don't have much time in Kyoto but want to get the most out of your stay? We've heard good thing about Greg, a licensed English-speaking guide working in Kyoto.   Have a look at these tours. A smart way to make the most of your time and gain a deeper...

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Moving Around Kyoto

Kyoto is not such a large city (mainly compared to Tokyo or Osaka), and quite a lot can be visited on foot. But you will need to use other means of transportation from time to time. The city was build 1,300 years ago,

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Free WiFi around Kyoto

Getting a free Wi-Fi connection in Kyoto is not that difficult. Here are a number of options available around the city. This information is given as a service and was correct at the time of writing. We highly recommend you to confirm it beforehand.

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Kyoto World Heritage Tour Bus

While we have not actually use this bus ourselves, we thought this information could be of interest to a number of our guests. This may be a good option to easily get to see a number of these Unesco sites. Read on!

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From Kansai Airport (KIX) to Kyoto

From the Kansai International Airport (KIX), there are four ways to reach Kyoto: by taxi, by train, by limousine bus and by shuttle service.  Your choice will depend on your budget and the timetable. As usual, confirm the information beforehand…

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ATMs around Kyoto

If you arrived in Japan in Tokyo and have already traveled around the country, then you are already aware of this information.  But if you arrived directly in Osaka, at the Kansai International Airport, then this info will be useful.

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Moving around Kyoto

Moving around Kyoto Kyoto is not such a large city (mainly compared to Tokyo or Osaka), and quite a lot can be visited on foot. But you will need to use other means of transportation  from time to time.  The city was build 1,300 years ago, following the very orderly...

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Renting a bicycle

 We live a good part of the year in Kyoto and love to visit some of the numerous interesting and beautiful places around the city.  For us, the best way to move around is by far by bicycle.  It is often faster than by car or bus, and certainly more enjoyable. Indeed,...

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Getting a SIM Card

You can buy a data-only SIM card or micro-SIM card just a few steps away from Kyoto Station. One of the best option is probably to get a B-Mobile SIM cards, which are the perfect SIM or micro-SIM cards for those who are happy with data-only service for their...

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