From the Kansai International Airport (KIX), there are four ways to reach Kyoto: by taxi, by train, by limousine bus and by shuttle service.  Your choice will depend on your budget and your schedule.

Unless other arrangements have been made with us in advance, the check-in for the Machiya is done in an office near Kyoto Station.  As long as you arrive between 9 am and 9 pm (office hours), the best solution is probably to first go to Kyoto Station, check-in and then take a cab to the house. If you prefer, or if you arrive after the office hours, we can arrange for preregistration directly with us via email, and you will then be provided with the necessary instruction to go directly to the house upon your arrival in Kyoto — in such case, the choice of the airport shuttle is probably the best.

By train:


Airport Express “Haruka”:

 A train leaves about every 30 min – 1 h

It takes 75 min

Cost is Yen 4,010 per person for a reserved seat and Yen 2,770 for free seating 

You can check the schedule and detail here:


By Limousine (Kansai Airport Limousine):

Kansai Airport Limousine



Goes every 30 min and it takes 90 min

Cost is Yen 2,550 per person


By Airport Shuttle (Yasaka):


Yasaka Airport shuttle

Door to door service, with Wifi, Reservation Only

From 7:30 – 21:00,  It takes about 90 min

See below for the price and the reservation

Yasaka shuttle:


Normal service:  Yen 4,200 (Yen 2,100 for kids 3 to 11 years old)

Children under the age of 2 who will not occupy a seat and will be seated on the lap of an adult are free of charge.

Extra luggage (after the first one)  Yen 1,000/piece

Discounts and deals

  • Online reservation Discounts (300 Yen) 
  • Round trip Discounts (100 Yen each way) (A total of 200 Yen will be discounted from your ride back). 
  • Student discount (700 Yen) (Student discount cannot be combined with any other offer).

Reservations must be made before 12:00 (midday) *Japan time 2 days in advance for your departure or arrival.


MK Airport Shuttle and Taxi

MK Group

MK offers both Airport Shuttle service and Private Taxi. Door to door service.

You’ll find more information on their (English / Chinese / Korean) website:!kyoto—airport/caeh

Note that a reservation at least two days prior to the trip is required.

The cost for the shuttle is Yen 4,200 per person (50% for kids).

The cost of a taxi depends on the size of the car, as follows:

Small taxi (4 pax) Yen 12,300, Midsize (4 pax) Yen 13,600, Large (6 pax) Yen 15,200, Jumbo (9 pax) Yen 18,700

In addition to the above prices, you must add for each car the Highway fee of Yen 4,000 and a parking fee of Yen 1,000.  

Depending on the number of persons in your party, the private taxi may be the best solution. For more detail, please inquire directly with them. 

Again, the above information was correct at the time of writing but may have changed.

Do confirm the detail beforehand.  

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