A few galleries of our best photos of 2016.

As you know, we share our life between Kyoto, in Japan, Nice in France and traveling.  In other words, we’re not always in Kyoto and therefore the following photos albums only cover limited periods of time.  We arrived back in Kyoto in Feb 2016 and left mid-May to attend our son’s graduation in NY.  After this, we only returned to Kyoto briefly at the beginning of July, and then again in October for the Jidai Matsuri. We ended the year 2016 in Kyoto and left in early January.

These are random photos, taken all around the city, around the geisha districts, in temple and garden, and more.  In any case, I suggest you click on one of the thumbnails and watch the slideshow in full screen mode.  

Now, seat back, relax and enjoy the slideshows!


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