Bicycle in the city We live a good part of the year in Kyoto and love to visit some of the numerous interesting and beautiful places around the city.  For us, the best way to move around is by far by bicycle.  It is often faster than by car or bus, and certainly more enjoyable. Indeed, Kyoto is largely flat, roads are good, drivers are careful and there are plenty of places to rent a bicycle. If you enjoy cycling, we strongly recommend that you consider renting a bicycle for your time in Kyoto. It will allow you to see a lot of attractions in a limited time, and for a very reasonable cost.

Bicycle parkingKyoto Station Higashi Rental Bicycle is one of the nearest bicycle renting place from the house.  Check out their (English) web site for more detail.

They are open every day (except for rainy days) as follow:

8:00 am-4 pm (Summer time/Mar-Nov)

9:00 am-3 pm (Winter time/Dec-Feb)

Here is a map of their location:

Bike Renting Place

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