International ATM at 7-ElevenIf you arrived in Japan in Tokyo and have already traveled around the country, then you are already aware of this information.  But if you arrived directly in Osaka, at the Kansai International Airport, then read on.

You probably have already obtained Japanese Yen at the Kansai International Airport where there are a few Money Exchange services.  Large banks and post offices also provide a currency exchange service.  Please note that banks and post offices are closed on weekends and national holidays (ATM machines are open).

The best way is probably to use an ATM, but your foreign card won’t be accepted in just any ATM.

Japanese ATMInternational Service ATM
Seven-Eleven Convenience Stores
All 7/11 stores in Japan offer 24-hour access to cash with foreign cards (especially the PLUS network; VISA, DISCOVER; American Express; Diners Club; PIN# required.)

Post Offices
Almost all ATM at Japanese post offices have English menus; VISA, PLUS, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, Diners Club and DISCOVER;

Prestia Banks (previously Citibank) 
These banks also offer 24/7 ATM service.


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