Thank you very much again for choosing our Miyagawacho Samurai Machiya for your stay in Kyoto.  We hope you will enjoy the place and your stay in Kyoto.

Before anything, here is the information you will need upon your arrival in Kyoto. 

First, about the check-in process.  It is usually done in an office located near the central exit of the Kyoto train station (about  10 min away). You’ll find a map on how to get to the office, located inside the “Dozen Cafe” here: Check-in upon your arrival in Kyoto

Be sure to download the file!  You may want to print it and take it with you. The office is open between 9:00 and 21:00Unless you have already preregistered directly with me,  do get in touch directly with our staff, if you know in advance that you won’t be able to get there before 21:00 on the day of your arrival. The contact info is as follows:  

TEL: 090-8161-3870 (24/7)   (If the line is busy, you can call 075-365-5110 (9:00-21:00))

Email: info1@kyoto-machiya-inn.com

You’ll also find here “Kyoto Station to Miyagawacho Machiya” a map showing you the location of the Miyagawacho Machiya, with instructions on how to get there by taxi (with instructions in Japanese for the driver).  The cost of the taxi ride should be about yen 1,000 for up to four persons from Kyoto station Central Exit or a bit less from our office. You can also come by bus (yen 230 per person).

Be sure to download this file as it contains the address of the Miyagawacho Machiya and useful information on how to get there.

We invite you to spend a bit of time on our little website — you’ll find all kind of information to help you prepare your stay in Kyoto, suggestions for your visits, and much more — we try to add new things all the time.

In addition, do not hesitate to contact us at any time if there is anything we can do to help you for your stay in Kyoto, such as specific suggestions for visit, reservations for a restaurant, etc. We’ll be glad to help.

We look forward to hosting you.

Best regards,

–Samurai Tom & Jerry (and Akiko & Patrick)

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– Check-in upon your arrival in Kyoto

– Map from Kyoto Station to Miyagawacho Machiya

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