Gojozaka Machiya

Gojozaka Machiya is our latest and largest project. The house is located very near our other place, Kiyomizu Machiya, near the Gojozaka crossing and the Gojozaka street that goes up to the famous Kiyomizu Temple. Gojozaka Machiya has all the charms of an old traditional Kyoto townhouse, with luxurious modern facilities and comfort. Its convenient location makes it the perfect place to stay for the visit of Kyoto.

Gojozaka Machiya -- The front garden

“Gojozaka Machiya” is a large house (over 90 m2) that has just been fully renovated — It opened to the public on November 1st, 2015. Everything has been designed for the comfort and convenience of a larger group (spacious enough for up to 10 people).


Our concept remains “Old Traditional Machiya atmosphere — Yes, but with Modern Comfort”.  Indeed, in Japan, the wooden old traditional townhouses (Machiya) are actually very cold in winter and quite hot during the summer. The floor space of these old houses is usually divided into smaller rooms and passages that are quite dark. While we have more open space and more light throughout the house, we were careful to maintain the style, feel and look of the traditional past. 

The house now features one large living space englobing the dining room with a large dining table (seating for 10 persons) and a new fully equipped modern kitchen together with a Japanese style living room opening to a private garden.

Gojozaka Machiya - The kitchen/Dining table

There are three bedrooms — one western style on the ground floor and two Japanese tatami mat rooms on the upper floor. Two bathrooms and two toilets, one each on each floor.

The ground floor, Japanese living space, in front of "Tsubo Niwa" and Samurai Joe in the alcove

The house is fully equipped with everything our guests may need for their stay, their comfort and their living: the kitchen has all the necessary cooking appliances and utensils for preparing any kind of meals like at home, from a simple breakfast to a full dinner. The large screen flat panel HDTV (60″) and a BD player will enable you to play any kind of DVD or Blu-Ray discs, as well as watch unlimited movies and TV series from Netflix or the internet.  The super high speed internet access (optical fiber) will enable everyone to keep in touch with the world with maximum ease and comfort.

The walls, the floor and the ceiling have been fully insulated, and for optimal comfort in winter, we installed floor heating system and/or western style radiators around the whole house.  Of course, all the rooms have air conditioning.  The whole place has been decorated with various old traditional Japanese art-crafts for a more refined atmosphere.

The famous Kiyomizu Temple is less than 1 mile away.

The house is conveniently located in the Higashiyama area about 15 minutes walking distance from the famous Kiyomizu Temple.  It is perfect to experience the traditional living style of the people of Kyoto while visiting this amazing city!

Bus stops to go around the city are located a few minutes away from the house. Umamachi bus stop (buses #202, #206, #207) to go directly to Kyoto Station, Gion area, or Tofukuji and Toji Temples, etc. The Higashiyama Nanajo bus stop, located a couple of minutes further away, serves buses #100, #202, #206, #207 and #208 and will enable you to go directly all the way to Ginkaku-Ji, the Silver Pavilion. Please, refer to the more detailed page “Moving around Kyoto) and the Bus Navi Map.

Kiyomiozu-Gojo train station (Keihan line) is located about 12 min away, down the Gojo street, by the Kamo River.

For more detailed information about the house, floor plans and a detailed description of the house and the rooms, click HERE.

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