Sanjusan Machiya

Entrance to Sanjusan Machiya


Sanjusan Machiya has all the charms of a Japanese traditional townhouse such as a small Japanese garden, Tatami mat rooms, low tables, sliding wooden doors, paper doors, wooden bathroom, all with luxurious modern facilities such as Induction stove, floor heating, dish washer, air conditioning in every room, high-speed WiFi Internet, 52 inch flat-screen TV connected to Internet, automatic washing machine, etc. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary appliances for in-house cooking, coffee machine, blender, microwave oven, rice cooker, fridge, kettle, etc.

The house has just been fully renovated with two Japanese tatami mat rooms (used either as living space with low table or as bedroom with Japanese futons) and one Western-style bedroom (with two single beds).  In the living dining area, we have a dining table with 6 chairs as well as a sofa. The house is also equipped with a fully automatic washing machine/dryer and two western style toilets which is very convenient for larger groups (spacious enough for up to 6 people).

Kyoto National MuseumThe house is conveniently located in the Higashiyama area a few minutes walking distance from the famous Sanjusangendo temple and five minutes from the Kyoto National Museum. By bicycle, it takes a mere 5-6 minutes to Tofukuji temple, and about 10 minutes to Fushimi Inari shrine and Kiyomizu temple.

Bus stops to go around the city are located a few minutes away.  Imagumano bus stop (#202, #207, #208) to go to Kyoto Station, Gion, Heian Jingu, Imperial Palace, etc.), Sanjusangendo Mae bus stop (#100, #206) to go to Daitokuji, Kinkakuji, etc., and a third one, in-between, Higashiyama Nanajobus stop (#100, #202, #206, #207, #208).  Please, refer to the more detailed page “Moving around Kyoto) and the Bus Navi Map.

There are two train stations nearby, Tofukuji station (Keihan and JR lines) and Nanajo Keihan station (Keihan line).

Living area in front of the dining table, with the kitchen on the right.
We have decorated the house with old traditional Japanese art crafts such as a Samurai armor, traditional wedding Kimono, Japanese dolls, Noh mask, protective Gods for the fire (Hotei-san), etc. for a more refined atmosphere. You’ll experience the traditional way of living of the people of Kyoto and enjoy a unique cultural experience, with all the modern convenience you can wish for.

We fell in love with Kyoto and will do our utmost to share this enthusiasm with our guests. As our guests, we’ll help you organize and prepare your stay to enable you to enjoy and appreciate this amazing and wonderful city.


For more information and a more detailed description of the Sanjusan Machiya, click HERE.

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