Yes, Kikunoi is really one of our favorite “Ryotei” or restaurant of fine Japanese cuisine (Kaiseki) located in the Gion-Maruyama district of Kyoto.

To celebrate the visit of Akiko’s parents and our son 21st birthday, we managed to get a table in July.  We choose to have lunch and took the basic course (about yen 10,000 per person).  It was, as usual, a memorable experience.

Don’t forget, it is not easy to make a reservation to this place. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll try to help.

The meal starts with a cup of sweet sake

Menu for Fumizuki (July)

Hassun (Appetizer): Assortment of appetizers: Hamo (pike conger) sushi; tilefish and cucumber roll: octopus roe; salad of fresh wheat gluten and dried green gourd with sesame dressing and shiso flowers; baby abalone; brook shrimp; pickled (saffron) ginger

Mukouzuke (Sashimi): Sashimi of blanched hamo and tai (red sea bream), pickled ume (Japanese apricot) puree curled cucumber, shredded green gourd, yellow Chinese Chives, Wasabi

Futamono (Boiled dish): Hotpot of Kamo eggplant, hamo and burdock roll, winter gourd, red Manganji pepper, taro, ginger brunoise, Kyoto greenbeans, pine nuts, wolfberries

Nakachoko: (Uni (seaurchine) tofu, wasabi jelly, wakame seaweed puree

Shiizakana (Grilled dishes): Grilled Kamo eggplant, yuzu, mustard, green taro stalk

Gohan (Rice): Hamo rice, Kinome herb;

Jyowan (Soup): Burdock root soup, burdock root chips, seven spice powder;

Konomono (Pickled vegetables): cucumber and eggplant pickled in rice bran, mustard

Mizumono (Desert): Chilled Kudzu starch noodle, black sugar sorbet

Kikunoi, Kaiseki restaurant

Kikunoi, Kaiseki Restaurant

Michelin 3 stars

Kikunoi 2

Kikunoi Kaiseki Restaurant

Reservation Only


459 Shimokawara-cho, Yasakatoriimae-sagaru, Shimokawara-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi,  Kyoto 605-0825

Tel:  075-561-0015


For reservation:

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