Now, for something different, only available during the cold winter months. . . Snow Crab. From Shijo Kawaramachi Crossing, walk South on the Kawaramachi dori street for five minutes — you find this restaurant with a large crab hanging on the face of the building.

This famous Crab restaurant is only open for the crab season, which means from October till March.  Fresh Crab, called “Matsuba gani Crab” arriving from Kasumi (Hyogo Prefecture).  They are brought here alive and cooked on demand.  Only fresh crabs are used so the meal is a bit pricy, but you can be sure of the high quality.

For the course, if you want to try all the different crab dishes, sashimi crab, tempura crab,  crab salad, crab soup, grilled crab, etc. I suggest you choose “Kaiseki course”.

We ordered the “Kani suki” course.  It starts with sashimi crab, “Kani miso Korayaki” (Grilled Crab innards), grilled crab, and the shop’s signature dish “Kanisuki” (Crab hot-pot).  In a cold night, this is the best choice.


Yamayoshi Snow Crab Restaurant

Yamayoshi – Shijo Kawaramachi

600-8024  京都府京都市下京区天満町272

Web site: http://yamayoshi-group.com/english/

TEL: 075-342-4400

Open: October thru March

Time: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-22:00

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