Shoentei Chinese Restaurant


鐘園亭 – A no frill, great value Chinese restaurant

Shoentei Chinese Restaurant



Sure, nobody will specially go there from across the city, but if you’re visiting Kiyomizu-Dera Temple or are walking from Gojo street up to Shijo street along Higashiooji street, then this is certainly a good option.  The place is pretty standard, but the food is cheap, copious and good.




Their specialty is Gyoza, dumpling. It’s a bit smaller than the normal size we usually get, but it was really tasty.  “A la carte” menu is a bit more expensive but the best option are Set Menus.

Shoentei Chinese Restaurant - The Gyoza or Dampling
Shoentei Chinese Restaurant - The Chinese Set menu


We took the “Chinese menu” and it was a great choice as it features 10 little dishes and it costs only yen 1,280.

This set menu features: Sweet and sour pork, Chinese omelet with crabmeat, Stir fried shrimp in chili sauce, Spring roll, Steamed pork dumplings, Fried Chicken, Boiled rice, Egg dropped soup, Pickled vegetables, Steamed custard cream-buns, all for only yen 1,280.



Shoentei Chinese Restaurant - Assorted entries
Shoentei Chinese Restaurant - Hoykoro (Fried hot miso vegetable with beef)
Shoentei Chinese Restaurant - Dampling and desert

When we went there, they were offering an “All you can eat dumpling” menu for only yen 980!  Another nice detail is that their prices are the same for lunch and dinner.  All in all, this is a “Nothing fancy, but good Chinese restaurant”.  Good Cost performance!




605-0862 東山区清水4丁目171



Higashiyamaku Kiyomizu 4-171

Amenity Hotel 1F


Tel: 075-541-0884      0120-132-326

11:00-15:00, 17:00-22:00   Closed on Monday

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