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丸に橘Maru-ni-Tachibana, Bob's family crest

Welcome to Sanjusan Machiya.  This is Samurai Bob’s place and we hope you’ll like it.  You can see Bob’s family crest, “Maru ni Tachibana” (Standing flower within a cercle).

Here is a more detailed description of the Sanjusan Machiya  (you can click on any photo to see a larger one).


The entrance with the little Japanese garden



You arrive from the small street through a passage leading to the house.  After passing the gate at the end of the passage, you enter into a small Japanese garden.

Tsukubai - A small basin often found in Japanese garden  
Japanese garden in front of the house
In autumn, the moss is covered with fallen Momiji (maple) leaves


Floor Plan


The floor plan will make it easier to understand where and how are the various rooms and areas in this house.

Simply click on the small graphic to see a larger one.


Sanjusan Machiya - floor plan


 The Entrance

The entrance, Sanjusan Machiya

As you enter the house, you face the stairs on the right, going to the second floor where there are two rooms, one Japanese style 8 tatami mat room (Samurai Bob’s room) and a Western style room with flooring and two single beds.

The living room with sofa and TV, seen from the dining area. In the back, the Japanese room. The open kitchen is on the left.




From that entrance, you follow a corridor on the left to reach the kitchen and the living-dining room.  A six mat Japanese room is located behind paper doors on the left of the corridor and opens to the garden. When you pass the old door at the end of the corridor, you find the kitchen on your right, the dining table on the left, and a living area with sofa and TV next to it, next to the Japanese style room. Please, refer to the floor plan for an easier understanding of the layout of the house.

Behind a pair of very old wooden doors, we have the bathroom with a area to undress and do the laundry (automatic washing-drying machine).

The total surface of the house is about 78 square meter.

The following few pictures will show everything in more details.


The dining room, seen from the living area
Living and Dining area seen form the Japanese room
The dining table, seen form the living area. Kitchen on the right
The LDK area, Living (with a sofa, a small table and a 52 inch flat panel TV with Blu-Ray player), Dining with a large table for six, the fully equipped open Kitchen.

The Kitchen

The fully equipped kitchen

The Hotei-San, fire protectorsThe kitchen was actually designed to be used to cook, not just to heat water and make coffee.  You’ll find everything you need to prepare and cook your meals.

A large selection of cooking utensils, one induction cooktop, dish washer, microwave oven / oven,  all kind of appliances such as rice cooker, toaster, blender, fish grill, regular coffee machine, and dishes, plates, glasses for six.  The setting is particularly convenient for people who stay for a longer period and those who also eat at home.


The 1F Japanese 6 tatami mat room (the Kimono Room)

The Kimono room -- Japanese tatami mat and paper doors

This is a six mat Japanese style room with traditional tatami mats and paper doors. It is used as living space or as a bedroom with Japanese futons. It is decorated with an old Japanese wedding kimono.


 Laundry room and Bathroom

Behind the old sliding wooden doors next to the dining table, you’ll find the utility room and the Japanese traditional bathroom.  The bathtub is a modern one and only requires the press of a button to be used.

Utility room with automatic washing machine - dryer      The bathroom with walls in wood

The Second Floor

Two rooms, a western style one and a Japanese traditional one are located on the second floor.  We also have an additional toilet ont he second floor.

The Western style room on the second floor

The western room offers two comfortable single beds and a table.

Protector of the house, Samurai Bob, in the 2nd floor Japanese tatami mat room


The Japanese 8 tatami mat room is actually Samurai Bob’s room.  This is where you’ll find his armor.  It is decorated according to traditional tea house theme, with a red colored wall and intimated ambiance.  It is right next to the estern room from which it is separated by fusuma, paper doors.  It has its own separate entrance door from the stairs.  It is used either as living space or as separated bedroom, with Japanese futons.


Upstairs Japanese 8 tatami mat room, with futons
Upstairs Japanese 8 tatami mat room, with table


 And for more convenience, we have added a second toilet upstairs.


We hope to see you soon!


Sanjusan Machiya  Presentation   –   Detailed Description  –  Location   –   Guest Reviews

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