The Kembu Masters
We heard about the show from several of our guests and we talked about going to see it again and again.  And we finally found the time to go.

Samurai Kembu is one of the traditional Japanese arts, just like the tea ceremony, the flower arrangement or the Noh play, and many others. This traditional art is performed using a Japanese sword “katana” and a Japanese fan. The word “Kembu”  literally means “sword dance”. In feudal times, the samurai danced with their swords and fans to give themselves courage or to achieve mental concentration.  Kembu show the culture of the warrior class, the samurai.

The one-hour stage show is performed by four Kembu masters, taking turn to demonstrate various scenes and actions. It is quite impressive and an interesting experience.  It is also a good opportunity to see something different from the temples and the gardens.

After the show, you can take photos together with the “masters”. The place also offers the possibility to take lessons with traditional samurai costume. Check out their web site for more information.


Samurai Kembu Theather



B1, Neo Art bldg., Higashi-iru, Sanjo-hanamikoji, 35-7, Sanchome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

TEL: +81-75-751-2033 (8:00-22:00 Daily)

From most of our Machiya houses, take the Keihan line train and get off at Sanjo-keihan Sta. 3 minute walk.

By taxi: Address in Japanese: 京都市東山区三条花見小路東入ル北側ネオアートビルBF


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