Stephan Pantel Signature dish: Fois gras with "Nara zuke" (Pickles with sake)  Michelin 1 star French-Japanese restaurant.

If you’re looking for something different, we’d recommend you to try Stephan Pantel.  It’s a good French restaurant with Japanese taste.  Chef Stephan is from Nice, France, and he really does care about fresh ingredients.

Not the cheapest, but very imaginative, interesting work with flavors and textures, taste and culture.

Located next to the Court house.   You do need to reserve.  Only one course, the same for all the guests.

Real Japanese knife made by "Aritsugu 有次"  Real Japanese knife made by “Aritsugu 有次”, is used as a table knife


Stephan Pantel Dish
Stephan Pantel Dish

Address and Contact

Ryoriya Stephan Pantel

Tel: 075-204-4311

18-3 Okuhigashinocho, Kamitakano, Sakyoku


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