Ebisuya Rickshaw Tour


For once, I’m talking about something I have not actually tried.  A Rickshaw Tour around one of the numerous touristic spots of the city.  I’ve seen them around quite a few times and always thought that one day, we too should try that. It does look like fun and a great way to look around some of the spots such as around Kodaiji or Miyagawa-Cho.  May certainly be worth a try.

Ebisuya Rickshaw Tour near Kodai-Ji Temple
Ebisuya Rickshaw Tour in Miyagawa-Cho
Ebisuya Rickshaw Tour around Kodai-Ji

Invented in Japan in the late 19th century, rickshaws spread to Asian countries where they are still in operation as a means of handy transportation. In Japan they had been replaced by automobiles, but have been revived for tourism and entertainment. They have been functionally modernized while maintaing a traditional design.

For more information, check out the following web site: ebisuya

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