Kobo-San Market, To-Ji TempleIf you’re in Kyoto on the 21st day of any month or on the first Sunday of the month, be sure to visit the Kobo-San market taking place in the grounds of the To-Ji Temple.  It is a great opportunity to find interesting souvenirs and enjoy popular Japanese foodstuff while visiting one of the beautiful temple of the city (Unesco World Heritage Site and one of Kyoto’s “must see” sights — the To-ji Temple’s pagoda is certainly the most famous of Kyoto’s many landmarks.)


Statue of Kobo, Kobo-San Market, To-Ji Temple
The market was established in remembrance of Japan’s most revered Buddhist Saint, Kobo Daishi who died on the 21st of March 835 . While there are numerous foreigners, this market is mainly crowded with Japanese people hunting for bargains.  You’ll find all kind of goods such as used kimono, antiques, junk, ceramics, old tools, bric-a-brac, old postcards and books, and more, much more. We found a number of the items used in our house at this market.


It is also a great place to try various things to eat (tacoyaki, tsukemono, castella cakes, yakitori, oden, bean curd sweets, etc.)  Many Japanese pray before the wooden statues housed in the Kodo, or lecture hall, while others light incense sticks at the shrines set up around the Mieido, the founder’s hall.
Tacoyaki, Kobo-San Market, To-Ji Temple

From Sanjusan Machiya, it is very easy to reach the market by bus by taking the 202, 207 or 208. From our other machiya, simply catch the 207. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

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