This was the first time we went to Kikunoi, the famous Michelin 3 stars Kyo Kaiseki restaurant.  We had the basic dinner designed and prepared by chef Yoshihiro Murata, and it was wonderful.

Here is the various dishes comprising this wonderful menu.


Menu for Satsuki (May)

Sakitzuke (Appetizer): Gelee of mountain yam, fresh uni (sea urchin), shiso flowers, wasabi jelly

Hassun (Assortment of appetizers): tai (red sea bream) sushi rapped in bamboo leaves; anago eel rolled with gourd strip; pickled myoga ginger; tai roe terrine; taro and fermented soybeans; pickled greenling fry; edamame (green soybean); pickled tai meat and milt

Mukouzuke 1 (Sashimi); Sashimi of yellow jack and tai, vinegar yellow Chinese chive, iris-petal udo stalk and carrot, wasabi

Mukouzuke 2 (Sashimi) Sashimi of seared bonito, shaved new onion, shiso and radish sprout, ground red pepper radish and ponzu jelly

Nimonowan (Boiled dish): Tea-steamed tilefish, fresh green tea leaves, tea soba noodles, egg, coltsfoot, yuzu

Yakimono (Grilled dish): Grilled smoked ocean trout, duck breast

Kuchinaoshi (Break between the meal): Strawberry-wasabi sorbet

Naka choko: Poached octopus, blanched taro stalk, jade eggplant, sugar snap peas, myoga ginger bud

Shiizakana: Hotpot of sansho pepper, anago sea eel, bamboo shoot, warabi fern heads, udo stalk, mugwort wheat gluten, fried tofu, rapini, egg yolk emulsified with vinegar

Gohan (rice): Grilled tai rice with kinome herb and sesame seeds; bamboo shoot pickled with sansho pepper, cucumber pickled in rice bran; new cabbage soup, new potato, black pepper

Mizumono (Desert): Milk ice cream, strawberry, strawberry sauce

Kikunoi, Kaiseki restaurant

Kikunoi, Kaiseki Restaurant

Michelin 3 stars

Kikunoi 2

Kikunoi Kaiseki Restaurant

Reservation Only


459 Shimokawara-cho, Yasakatoriimae-sagaru, Shimokawara-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi,  Kyoto 605-0825

Tel:  075-561-0015

Web: https://kikunoi.jp/kikunoiweb.en/top

For reservation:  Reservation Website

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