Kikunoi has been awarded three Michelin stars on “MICHELIN GUIDE Kansai 2015”

MICHELIN GUIDE Kansai 2015 ★★★


Kikunoi is a ryotei or restaurant of fine Japanese cuisine located in the Gion-Maruyama district of Kyoto. The Japanese-style spaces in this ryotei is specially beautiful. This is one of our favorite place to enjoy Kyoto style haute cuisine, which makes the most of Kyoto’s seasonal delights.  We often select this place to celebrate birthday, friends and family reunion and other special occasions.

Sakitzuke (Appetizer): Gelee of mountain yam, fresh uni (sea urchin), shiso flowers, wasabi jelly, Menu for Satsuki (May)

Kikunoi’s cuisine is known as “Kyo-kaiseki” and draws on the rich traditions of Kyoto style multiple-course dining.
Kyo-kaiseki represents one of the pinnacles in Japanese cuisine, a highly stylized manifestation of the principles of in-season produce and enjoyment of seasonal variation.  Every detail is taken care of for the satisfaction of the guests — this is a unique experience and a real pleasure.


Spring, summer, autumn, winter . . . nature delivers her finest blessings through the changing face of the four seasons. Kikunoi’s cuisine uses natural ingredients. At Kikunoi each one of the dishes is considered as an expression of life itself, never forgetting how much we owe nature.


Mukouzuke (Sashimi): Sashimi of blanched hamo and tai (red sea bream), pickled ume (Japanese apricot) puree curled cucumber, shredded green gourd, yellow Chinese Chives, Wasabi, Menu for Fumizuki (July)
Here are sample menus:            Menu for Satsuki (May)                     Menu for Fumizuki (July)

History of Kikunoi

Kikunoi is located on extensive grounds at the foot of Higashiyama Mountain Range in Kyoto.
Legend has it that water from a local well called “Kikusui-no-i” was used by the first wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (a key figure in Japan’s feudal era) to make tea, causing spring water to burst forth in the pattern of a chrysanthemum (“kiku” in Japanese) in full bloom. The locals took care of this well for many generations, and eventually began to use its water in cooking. This was the origin of the name Kikunoi – literally meaning “chrysanthemum well.” The restaurant itself was established in 1912 and is currently headed by the third-generation owner-chef Yoshihiro Murata.

Hassun (Appetizer): Assortment of appetizers: Hamo (pike conger) sushi; tilefish and cucumber roll: octopus roe; salad of fresh wheat gluten and dried green gourd with sesame dressing and shiso flowers; baby abalone; brook shrimp; pickled (saffron) ginger, Menu for Fumizuki (July)
Nakachoko: (Uni (seaurchine) tofu, wasabi jelly, wakame seaweed puree, Menu for Fumizuki (July)

Kikunoi, Kaiseki restaurant

Kikunoi, Kaiseki Restaurant

Michelin 3 stars

Kikunoi 2

Kikunoi Kaiseki Restaurant

Reservation Only  (Let us know if you need some help)


459 Shimokawara-cho, Yasakatoriimae-sagaru, Shimokawara-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi,  Kyoto 605-0825

Tel:  075-561-0015


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