A Michelin Guide two star restaurant in the heart of Gion,

right behind the Kenninji temple.

Kennin-Ji Gion Maruyama Restaurant

There are so many good Kaiseki (traditional Japanese course menu) restaurants in the area, it’s difficult to choose.  For the price, this class of restaurant will cost a minimum of yen 10,000.  Yes, it’s expensive but someone who loves good food can’t visit Kyoto without trying a Kaiseki restaurant.  And it really is a unique experience,

I recommend this restaurant because the setting is so beautiful.  They only have private rooms with little garden, and the service is just perfect.  Also, a private tatami room is very kids friendly.  When visiting France, we used to take our boy with us to go to Michelin star restaurants, but it’s not obvious to take kids to a good restaurant in France.

For the Kaiseki restaurants, lunch is usually the best value.  Prizes start from yen 6,000 up to 12,000, depending on the ingredients they use (not depending on the volume and quantity of food).  For a dinner course, it starts from yen 12,000.  They provide English explanation for each dish so you understand what you are eating (dishes are really beautiful but it is sometimes difficult to guess what they are).  A seasonal menu starts from Yen 30,000 for the lunch and the dinner, so if you think about indulging in a seasonal menu, you’d better go there for the dinner.

Since they are rated (2 stars) by the Michelin guide, it’s quite difficult to get a spot.  I recommend you to make a reservation as soon as possible.  We will gladly do this for our guests. 


Address and Contact

★Kenninji Gion Maruyama 566-15 Komatsucho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 075-561-9990 www.gionmaruyama.com

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