All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ

I know, there are times while in Japan when you crave for some meat, I mean some good red meat.  Korean BBQs are certainly one of the best solution and this one is a great value option.

The price is decided depending on how many kinds of food you want to eat.  70 kinds: Yen 2,678, 100 kinds: Yen 3,218, 115 kinds: 3,866.  Usually we take the 70 kinds course and add beer (see the menu below).

What’s interesting is their order system.  Each table has a touch screen tablet and you choose what ever you want to eat and hit enter (to send in the order).  You will get the dishes one after another.  For the kids (up to 12 year-old), the cost is half the price of an adult.  For the price, the food quality is surprisingly good.


The menu is all in Japanese, but with the photos, you won’t have much problems to understand it.

JyuJyu Karbi Menu


JyuJyu Karbi Address

The place is located on Gojo Street.

596 Motoshiogamachō, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


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