Hanami at the Hirano Jinja



The real Japanese Hanami spirit next to Hirano Jinja


Hirano Jinja (Shrine) is a very old Shinto shrine — established in the year 794. It is among the most popular spots in Kyoto among Japanese people for its gardens and numerous cherry trees, for viewing the flowers, singing and drinking.

Enjoying the Hanami in Kimono, Hirano Jinja


Hirano Jinja features approximately 400 cherry trees with some 50 different varieties, including several rare kinds, grow within the shrine grounds. The trees are lit up at night when they are in full bloom, and visitors are entertained by the lines of stalls offering beer, sake, yakitori and the regular Japanese snacks such as fried noodle (yaki soba), Octopus ball (taco yaki), etc.


Hirano Jinja -- Cherry Blossom
Hirano Jinja -- Cherry Blossom
Hirano Jinja -- Cherry Blossom




This is one of my favorite place in Kyoto where one can discover some incredible cherry flowers. I do not want to spoil your discovery and all I’ll say is that this is where I saw “green cherry flowers” for the first time in my life.  And because of all the different types of cherry trees, each with a different blooming period, one can be almost sure to see beautiful full bloom cherries from late March to late April.

Hirano Jinja -- Cherry Blossom


Hirano Jinja -- Photo in front of Cherry Blossom
Hirano Jinja -- The entrance of the Shrine
Hirano Jinja -- Photographying the cherry blossoms


To get to Hirano Jinja by bus from Kyoto Station, take the #205 or #50 to Kinugasa Komae. From Sanjo Keihan, take #15 and get off at the same stop. From Shijo Omiya (Hankyu Railways), take #55 to the same stop.

Hirano Shrine
Hirano Miyamoto-cho 1, Kita-ku, Kyoto

Hirano Shrine is within easy walking distance to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (another of our favorite for Plum flowers) , Waratenjin and Kinkakuji Temple.


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