A very traditional Japanese restaurant. High class.  Running business since 1659 (yes, that’s more than 350 years!).

If you want to try real Kyoto dishes, this is a very good address.  They have private rooms for you and you can enjoy a very peaceful and secluded time with great service and superb food.

This is a perfect place for one of these special moments or experiences.  It is not that expensive considering the quality, and we do think it is well worth the cost as the experience will be a lifelong memory.  A Kaiseki dinner course starts from yen 14,000.  Lunch is an even better deal.




Kaiseki Dinner   (16:30-21:30)

Omakase Kaiseki  –  yen 31,625 

Kaiseki dinner – yen 13,950, 16,445, 18975, or 25,300

(service charge included, tax included)

Lunch course   (11:30 to 14:30)

yen 6,050 or yen 7,260 (service charge included, tax included)

Kaiseki course:  yen 10,120 ~ 25,300 yen  (service charge included, tax included)

Mangetsu Bento Lunch box: yen 4,840

As you enter, a maid ushers you into a private room, furnished with a sumptuous array of cushion seats. Twelfth-generation master-chief Tomoyuki Morimoto then serves a multi-course feast of Kyoto cuisine that perfectly balances colors, textures, and tastes. Every dish is described and explained and is a real feast for the eyes, the senses, and the palate.  An intense experience.





A mere 10-12 min on foot from most of our machiya houses and about 10 min by taxi from Tofukuji Machiya (or 15-20 min by train).  Behind the Higashiyama post office.  Reservation is required (see their website).


Address and Contact

605-0911 東山区大黒町通五条下る袋町

Fukurocho, Higashiyama-ku

11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00

Tel: 075-561-5021

Web Site: https://harise-kyoto.com/

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