Kyoto's Uokeya Unagi Restaurant

Michelin one star Unagi restaurant in Gion, where the eels are cooked by a living national treasure, Mr. Kiyoshi Nakagawa.  This is a very small shop housed in a traditional machiya, located on a very quiet street, one street west of Hanami Koji, the main street of Gion district.

The menu is quite short and the choice limited to eels.  Famous for its “U Oke”, Unagi (eel) in a tub which was created at the beginning for delivery purpose, the choice for this depends on the number of persons: for 3 (10,000 yen), 4 (13,500 yen) or 5 persons (16,380 yen).

Uokeya Unagi Restaurant, Kyoto

We ordered the “Unagino Kabayaki course” (eel with sweet soy sauce). At 2,850 yen at lunch time, it is a good value.  The eel was very tender, the sauce wasn’t too sweet, and the Sansho pepper gave a good punch to the dish.  Good food, nothing fancy, very casual restaurant.  But I must say, I wonder about the Michelin One Star.

Because the place is so small, about 10 people on 1st floor and 14 on the second, it’s better to reserve.




Tel: 075-551-9966


Gion Uokeya U

Gionnishi Hanamikoji Shijyokudaru

Tel: 075-551-9966

Lunch: 11:30-14:00

Dinner: 17:00-21:00

Closed on Monday

(7 min. walk from Gion Shijo Station on Keihan line)

Uokeya Unagi Restaurant, Kyoto



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