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From the small street, you enter through a gate to access the house via a long alley.

Welcome to Samurai Kevin’s place!

Kevin’s family crest is the famous “Odaka” or “Itsutsuba Mokko” (flowering quince) of Oda Nobunaga, the powerful samurai daimyo warlord who initiated the unification of Japan near the end of the Warring States period in the late 16th century.

Samurai Kevin

(Please note that the decoration of the house may change with the season.)

Here is a more detailed description of the Toji Machiya. We’ve tried to show you around the place the best we can.
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Floor Plan

The floor plan of the house will make it easier to understand the position and layout of the various rooms and areas of this house.

Simply click on the thumbnail on the right to see a larger one.

Toji Machiya Floor Plan

 The Entrance

You enter the house in the “genkan” where a traditional wedding kimono welcomes you.

This is where you leave your shoes and hang your coat. You open a second inside glass door on your left, and enter into the house, facing theliving / dining area, with the kitchen on your left.


The LDK – Living  Dining  Kitchen

As you enter the house, the dining table is in front of you, the living room with the Tokonoma (where you can see Samurai Kevin) and the “shôji” (paper windows) to the garden right behind.  The open kitchen is on your left. On your right is the Western bedroom. At the end, you can see the “Hakokaidan”, the box-staircase leading to the loft bedroom.

View form the garden windows

In the living / dining area, we have a wooden dining table with seating for six. During the cold winter, you will appreciate the floor heating both in the dining area and the Japanese Tatami mat living room.  The area in front of the kitchen counter is also heated.

150820_Kyoto-Toji-Machiya-5810150820_Kyoto-Toji-Machiya-5808A large 52 inch flat screen HD TV and a BD player are hidden in the closet next to Samurai Kevin for your enjoyment. The living room can be entirely closed with sliding “shôji” (paper windows).  The bottom part of the windows next to the closet can be open to enjoy the garden.

Usually a low table and seating cushions are placed in the middle to enable our guests to have a cup of tea (or a glass of beer or wine) while enjoying the view of the “Tsuboniwa” or courtyard garden. Depending on the number of guests, this room can also be used as a bedroom using futons.

You can see on the left how the “shôji” paper doors are being used to close entirely the living room to provide provacy.


The fully equipped modern kitchen will please anyone who wants to cook at home for a simple breakfast or a complete dinner. A large selection of cooking utensils, induction cooktop, microwave oven / oven, all kind of appliances such as rice cooker, toaster, blender, electric kettle, coffee machine, and dishes, plates, glasses. The setting is convenient for short stay as well as for people who stay for a longer period and prefer to eat at home. And of course, you’ll find the basics such as salt-pepper, oil, sauce, soja, etc.

The Western Bedroom

Next to the dining room, behind wooden sliding doors, you’ll find the main western bedroom. It features a double bed, a reclining working desk and a large closet.



The Loft Bedroom

An old wooden box stairs (Hako Kaidan) leads to the loft bedroom where you’ll find two single beds (mattress). As you can see in the photos, this space is meant for children or to sleep.  


 The Bathroom Area

The bathroom is located at the end of the house, on the left of the garden. You access there by first entering the laundry room where you findfully automatic All-In-One Washer / Dryer, something travelers will truly appreciate. From there, you access the toilet (the Japanese “washlet” may surprise you) ahead of you and the bathroom itself on the right.

The wooden bathroom is made of Japanese cypress wood. On one side, you have the shower and area where one actually washes himself, and on the other, by a bay window overlooking the garden, you have the bathtub. The bath is controlled by an electronic system — you simply press a button and the bathtub will automatically fill up with hot water. The voice of a Japanese lady will announce when the bath is ready.
After a long day of visiting temples and shrines, there is nothing more relaxing than a good Japanese hot bath enjoying the view of the flowers or the maple leaves in the garden.

The house is decorated with old Japanese art-craft for a more refined atmosphere.

  The total floorspace of Toji Machiya is over 60 m2 (including 10 m2 for the loft bedroom) and provides more room than you are likely to find in most Japanese hotels. In addition, the way the available space is being used follows the traditional Japanese way for its efficiency and convenience.  The house is perfect for a family or a group of friends. We provide all the basic items travelers require, such as all bedding (linens & blankets), towels, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper & tissues.  The Kitchen is fully equipped with everything you may need to cook and eat at home (dishes, glasses, wine glasses, cutlery, coffee & tea cups).  We also provide you with cream and sugar, basic condiments, etc.

List of Appliances/utensils

<Appliances> Microwave Oven/Oven/Grill Refrigerator Induction Cooktops Dishwasher All-In-One Washer/Dryer Air Conditioner
<Small Appliances> Toaster Drip Coffee Maker Immersion Blender Electric Kettle Rice Cooker Pressure Cooker Electric Adaptor Multi Plug
<Others> Scale (Health Meter) Vacuum Cleaner Hair Dryer Iron & Iron Board
<Cooking Utensils> Cutting board Knives Strainer Ladle Spatula
  And of course, our guests have unlimited access to super fast (optical fiber) internet access via Wi-Fi throughout the house.

Toji Machiya   Presentation   –   Detailed Description  –  Location   –   Guest Reviews

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