Kaiseki Dinner with Maiko Dancing at Gion Hatanaka

We are often asked about two of Kyoto’s unique features, namely the famous “Kyo Kaiseki” or Kyoto Haute Cuisine, and the Geisha / Maiko. Here is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy both at the same time.

Gion Hatanaka Ryokan, located right in front of the Yasaka Jinja Shrine’s South Gate in Gion, offers a dinner show that will be a unique and memorable experience. The evening starts with a demonstration of “Kyomai”, the traditional Kyoto dance performed by two Maiko (apprentice Geisha) with a musician playing the Samisen. Guests then enjoy a wonderful Kaiseki dinner while the Maiko come to the  tables, serve sake (or other drinks — unlimited) and you can discuss with them thanks to an English interpreter.

The dinner is followed by a few games and demonstration by the Maiko.  You can take photos and ask any questions you want.

The experience is not a cheap one, but we found it to be an actual good value.  Indeed, Kaiseki dinners are expensive — any decent one would cost you at least yen 10,000 per person, but more often, we’re talking about yen 12,000 to 15,000 and up (plus tax and service). Also, any show or encounter with a Maiko will cost at least yen 5,000 and up, per hour!  Here, you’ll have the whole show and contact with two Maiko, for two hours, plus the elaborate dinner together with unlimited drinks!  

This really is a fun and unforgettable experience, and again, you may take as many photos as you please.

Hatanaka Gion

Place: Gion Hatanaka

Web: http://www.gionhatanaka.jp/maiko/english/about.html
505 Higashiyama-ku, Gion Minimigawa Kyoto City 605-0074
Toll-free number: 0120-041814 Tel: 075-541-5315
Rate: ¥19,000 (Tax Included) Free Drinks

Available Days: Mon / Wed / Fri / Sat / Other prenoted days

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